Clinician Conductor

Jo-Michael Scheibe conducts targeted lessons with the intention of improving overall performance and mental clarity as a Chamber Singer. He encourages all of his singers to refer to these resources again and again, no matter how well-practiced you may be! He also encourages aspiring music educators to review his handouts and apply them in their own classrooms.

The Purpose Driven Warm-Ups: What is your intent with your warm-up? How do you encourage physical relaxation and mental focus? Get your voice warmed up and get excited to sing.

The Purpose Driven Warm Up – handout

Seating, Placement, and Vital Colors for Your Choir: Where voices are placed are important. It can’t be random; learn Jo-Michael Scheibe’s approach for the placement of individual voices.

Seating PP Handout

Consonants and Vowels: Keys to intonation success!

Consonants and Vowels Handout

Effective Rehearsal Leadership: People to go, places to see! Learn how to best manage your time in choral rehearsals.

Effective Rehearsal Leadership-handout