Music is a wonderful thing. It can affect our emotions, remind us of far-off memories, and help us form social connections. With the way technology has evolved, we have thousands of hours of music at the tips of our fingers at all times. But there’s one thing that technology will never be able to fully recreate, and that’s live music. Live music is incredibly fun and can do the same things that listening to music on our phones or computers can do but to an even more powerful effect. Here are a few of the benefits we get from experiencing live music.

It Gives Us Connection

Getting to go to a concert is a great way to connect with people, as it can help boost your mental health and improve your longevity. According to psychologist Lee Eisenberg, going to a concert is a positive experience that can help people feel connected to one another. While attending concerts can be difficult, people choose to do these things because they long for this connectivity to other like-minded individuals, whether it hit pop star performing for thousands of people or an orchestra in a concert hall.

Live Performance Reduces Stress

A study conducted by researchers at Imperial College London revealed that going to a concert can decrease the levels of stress hormones in a person. The study, which was published in the journal Public Health, analyzed the cortisol levels of 117 individuals after they had attended a performance by Eric Whitacre. According to cardiologist Dr. Nirav N. Mehta, a cardiac surgeon at Philadelphia’s Cardiology Consultants, attending a concert can decrease a person’s respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure, ultimately relieving us of some of the stress that our daily lives might bring us.

Concerts Can Be Good Exercise

During a concert, you might be able to exercise as much as you would if you spent half an hour on a treadmill. According to Lee Eisenberg, people might be moving around a lot during the course of the performance, which can act as a substitute for traditional exercise. Your diaphragm may even get a workout if you’re cheering or singing!

Concerts Offer A Moment Of Reflection

A concert can help people reflect on their lives bringing back memories of their past. According to Thomas Beaudoin, a religion professor at the University of Wisconsin, music can play a major role in causing memories to resurface. It can also help them think about their present. He said that listening to music can help people re-enter their past and feel like they have a new opportunity to connect with their current state.