Music can have a powerful effect on people’s thoughts and emotions. What many don’t know is that it can actually have a major impact on a child’s growth even before they are born. Certain types of music can have great effects on pregnancy and areas of early child development. These are the effects and benefits of music on pregnancy and child development:

Brain Development

Before birth, music can have an impact on a child’s brain development. Around week 16, babies develop hearing and are actively listening by week 24. There are many types of is music that can encourage early brain development for babies while in the womb because music facilitates neuron connections in the brain. When a fetus listens to and experiences music, it stimulates their mind and helps their brain structures grow. There are also new studies that have found babies can even remember the music they heard while in the womb up to four months after being born.

Less Stress for Mothers

In order to have a happy and healthy pregnancy, it’s important for expecting mothers to avoid stress. Stress can have negative effects on their pregnancy and the baby’s development. Listening to music and even singing lullabies is a great way to soothe mothers throughout their pregnancy. The music can be whatever makes them feel happiest or calm. Anything from classical music, pop, to lullabies. When the mother is feeling calm, then it greatly benefits the child and its development in the womb. 

Bonding and Social Development

One effect music can have on a pregnancy that many do not know is prenatal bonding, which is wonderful for a baby’s social development. By listening to relaxing music and singing the unborn child lullabies while pregnant, calming chemicals are sent throughout the body and into the placenta. This helps with bonding and relaxation between mother and child. By hearing their parent’s voice trough words or song, it can greatly impact the child’s social and emotional development. 

When playing music for a fetus, be sure to remember that in the third trimester they will be able to hear music more than ever before. Because of this, don’t react too well to very loud or erratic noises. To avoid this, the volume shouldn’t be too high and the music choice should be soothing.