So you’ve decided that you want to play the guitar. You’re about to go on an adventure and learn a wonderful instrument. The problem is, you likely don’t own a guitar do you? If you don’t, and you also don’t have anyone to borrow one from, you’ll have to make the tough decision to buy a guitar. The reason this decision can be difficult is because similar to cars, there are countless guitar manufacturers and model names to choose from and someone inexperienced likely won’t be able to tell what guitars are well made and worth their money. Check out this list of the best acoustic guitar’s available in 2020.

Yamaha FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

One of the funny things about most acoustic guitars nowadays is that most of them have some type of electronic component. For example, this guitar comes with the ability to hook up to wireless headphones through Bluetooth 5.0. This means the sound quality is superb due to the high-quality audio chip, and you’ll be able to jam out while making minimum noise. The guitar even has automatic pairing to your headphones, making it easier than ever. Outside of the awesome sound quality, the guitar is also waterproof which means it can travel in any weather without fear of damage. This is a great acoustic guitar, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Martin LX1E Little Martin

If you’re shopping for your child, this guitar might be the perfect fit. The Martin LXE1 is a compact guitar, which can be great for smaller kids who are just starting out. It’s commonly referred to as a travel acoustic because it’s small size allows for it to be easily stored when traveling. Outside of the small size, the guitar has a legitimately great sound, and features the ability to hook up to an amp if you decide to get one. Martin’s signature quality means it’ll last for years as well, so as long as they don’t outgrow it, it’ll be the perfect instrument to learn on.

Taylor 110e

If you’re an intermediate player who has been borrowing a guitar or using a hammy down while you learn, then this guitar might be great for you. Taylor guitars are known for their high quality make and sound, and this guitar gives you everything you’ve known and loved about the guitar, but does it better. This is commonly known as an intermediate guitar, and it will show when you notice the difference in sound quality and how the onboard Taylor electronics affect live performances.

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