POSITIVITY'S IMPACT ON THE CREATIVE BRAIN-JO-MICHAEL SCHEIBEThe creatively-minded are considered to be free-spirits or daydreamers, which purportedly sets them apart from pencil pushers and those interested in the sciences.

However, did you know that there’s scientific evidence suggesting that anyone can be creative? More than that, did you know that ambiance and mental outlook are fundamental provocations when it comes to creative productivity?

There are many components to what kind of environment and mental preparation stimulates creativity, and it starts with a positive setting.

“Rigorous scientific evidence has shown that focusing on acts of gratitude will increase performance in a multitude of ways,” according to a recently published Forbes article.

Emotion is related to the kind of creative work produced. Think of any pop artist. The chances are that they are relatively upbeat, forward-looking people. Compare this to a mid-90’s grunge band. This genre was notoriously dominated by men and women who constantly sulked. The kind of emotion hidden behind the music produced varied results…..

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