Could Elevator Music Improve Your Workflow | Jo-Michael ScheibeAre you a fan of multitasking? Well, you should know that your choice of music or entertainment could be impacting your workflow.

Those of us who tend to watch television while we type away at our computers, or sit in loud, crowded room while we work could be experiencing a disrupted workflow. With that in mind, while some music can be a harmful distraction, research shows that not all music disturbs task completion.

According to research, your music playlist can during help you get more done. The right playlist can spark creativity and increase productivity.

Turning on classical music or undisturbed ambient sounds during immersive, repetitive tasks can help workers to perform said tasks quicker and more accurately. This means that turning on chamber music while answering your email, or playing wordless folk music while you’re planning a schedule can turn into a simplified process. Experts completed a series of investigations to determine that music can uplift repetitive work.

Listening to music that enjoyable and light helps to release dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in the brain, relaxing workers, helping to ease them into relaxed focus. In fact, there’s research suggesting that it’s the music itself that sparks the increase in productivity because of mood elevation. Listening to task-oriented music might elevate one’s mood, translate to better interactions with others and higher self-esteem.

With that said, we don’t want to excite serotonin and dopamine levels too much when working. Tuning into audio that’s a little surprising can distract, pulling one’s attention away from the work and compromise progress. If you choose music with words, it may be beneficial to you to listen to music that you listen to often. The predictability of a composed and structured playlist puts the mind at ease and doesn’t draw focus away from work at hand. Also, the act of listening to lyric music activates the part of the brain dealing with language, and this must slow down to process information.  

Rather than blasting your playlist, consider closely monitoring the pitch and the volume. Loud music can affect focus, so try to avoid music that showcases high-pitch noises or deep bass.

Ambient, lyricless music is easily accessible and can be found all over the internet for free. A quick Google or Bing search can help to guide you toward collections of relaxing audio with some themes. The rhythmic music is specifically designed to provoke feelings of comfort for the purpose sleep, study, or medication.

Effectively, music can deliver you from a noisy workplace or home life while one is attempting to complete a task. Consider listening to a playlist, or some classical music, elevator music, electronic music, or even video game music. However, if you listen to other types of music, such as jass, blues, or hip-hop feel free to enjoy that as well. Also, if you’re a fan of noiseless productivity, enjoy the silence.

What music do you listen to while you’re working, meditating, or studying?