With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect around the world, many people are looking for ways to cope with our new normal and connect with others from the comfort of our homes. The modern world has many forms of entertainment that can fill those gaps – television, movies, video games, books, and what might be the most important of them all, music. Music has been around forever and has brought people together and allowed them to share their thoughts and feelings in ways unimaginable. In times like these, music can be exactly what makes life just a little more pleasant. Here are a few ways the power of music can help you during the pandemic.

Music Can Connect Us With Others

During a time of mostly isolation, connecting with others is one of the most important things we can do for our own wellbeing. Music is an excellent way of doing this, as it’s a universal language that any human culture can understand. Thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to share the music you make or find with your friends and family, giving you something to bond over and experience together. Sending a loved one a song that makes you think of them might be just the thing they need to make this pandemic a little easier. You can even make music with your friends using the Internet. Set up a video stream and collaborate with other like-minded musicians you know. Just because you’re trapped at home doesn’t mean you and your friends can’t make great music together. 

Music Helps With Stress

Stress levels are at all-time highs for many people around the world due to the pandemic, and that’s to be expected. Luckily, music is a great de-stressor and is easily accessible. Scientific evidence proves that music can have a unique effect on the brain, the body, and our emotions. This means that if we listen to the right music, it can potentially help us relax and not be so stressed in these difficult times. Everyone has their own personal preference in music, so only you can ultimately decide what will work best for you but softer music such as classical or instrumental are commonly considered the best genres to listen to for stress management.

Music Fuels Creativity

One of the most wonderful things about music is that you can find it anywhere and everywhere. There are always new ways you can make music as long as you think outside of the box. If you already play an instrument, you can likely go and pick up another one! Even if you don’t, there are so many other great ways to make music using various music programs or even just using things around your house.