Podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media in recent years, and they can be both informative and entertaining. While it can sometimes be hard for musicians to stop listening to music, a great podcast about music can be a good alternative when you need a break from your typical Spotify playlist. Music podcasts can also introduce you to new musicians or genres of music you may not have thought much of before, while also teaching you more about the industry at large. If you have a love of music and want to become even more engrossed in it, try a few of these great music podcasts.

All Songs Considered

Bob Boilen and Rob Hilton are two of the most talented individuals in the music industry, and they can often turn me on to some of the most interesting bands I’ve never heard of before. This is the beauty of the NPR program, which is dedicated to covering all kinds of music. The two are genuinely passionate about music, and the overall theme of the show is quality. The commentary is always wise, and the guests have gotten better as the show has gotten older. The music that they cover is a part of a rich cultural tapestry that the show has been able to create.

The Classic Rock Podcast

The Classic Rock Podcast is a garage project from an outfit that is dedicated to bringing the best of classic rock to a wide audience. This is a slow-burning review of some of the most influential albums of all time, such as The Beatles, The Police, The Who, and more. Besides classic rock, the show also covers contemporary acts, such as Weezer and Death Cab for Cutie. The goal of the Classic Rock Podcast is to provide a comprehensive review of every single album that’s been out there, regardless of its controversial nature. In order to gain a new respect for a certain artist, the listeners will be able to ask questions throughout the review.

Dolly Parton’s America

Jad Abumrad is the host of this show, and he’s responsible for Radiolab, which is one of the best radio programs of the last generation. This project started as a curiosity, but it quickly became a character portrait of an American icon.

In this show, Jad talks about Dolly’s various influences and relationships, as well as her ability to play multiple instruments. Jad’s discussions on Dolly also delve into how she became an overwhelming favorite of everyone practically everyone on the planet.