If you want to learn the guitar without having to pay for expensive music lessons, there are several great channels on YouTube to choose from.

Marty Music

Marty Schwartz is a vivacious guitar instructor with many excellent YouTube videos. He teaches electric and acoustic methods and how to play certain songs. You can never get bored since Marty posts new videos every day. Marty Music offers something for every skill level, allowing you to maintain inspiration and push yourself when necessary. Marty also provides customized courses for individuals who are prepared to pay.

Music is Win

The Music Is Win YouTube channel features everything from scales to bending to chord progressions. Some films go beyond instruction to address various guitar-related topics. The channel is entertaining and instructive. The lessons are simple to understand and are precisely the appropriate length. They also offer fantastic videos on famous guitarists’ playing styles and habits. Each film has a high production value, and each is devoted to a different notable player.


This one may be one of the greatest websites for those with short attention spans who can only handle films up to five minutes. You can find a variety of skills, and less than two minutes comprise the method of the week video. In addition, interviews with Fender musicians provide fascinating details on their creative processes, practice schedules, touring lives, and much more. Follow this channel to learn about new Fender guitars and amps as they are introduced to the market.


A portion of the lessons from TrueFire’s complete online guitar course is accessible on YouTube. It features an incredible roster of professors, some of whom are self-proclaimed legends. Robben Ford, a blues legend, is a superb guitarist and a natural in front of the camera and enjoys teaching others about the guitar. Additionally, he is very eloquent and simple to understand. TruFire’s YouTube channel has a ton of lessons, making it one of the greatest places on the site for guitarists who are serious about improving.

Rick Beato

One of the most well-liked YouTube channels for musicians, particularly guitarists, is Rick Beato. Beato, who plays the guitar himself, offers several lessons on a range of topics about the electric guitar. But this channel provides much more than just courses. It includes interviews, reflections, music theory, and ideas related to audio engineering. His recent interviews with Sting and Pat Metheny are among his most well-liked ones. This is a fantastic resource for expanding your horizons as a guitarist.