If you’re a guitar enthusiast, you probably get very excited at the thought of all the new electric guitars that get released each year. Each year loads of new guitars are manufactured and put on sale, coming in all shapes and sizes and meant for all sorts of different musicians. Guitars are expensive though, and unless you’re rich you probably won’t be able to buy them all. If you want to pick up a new electric guitar this year, you might have to consider which one you decide to invest in. Here are a few of the best new guitars that have been released in 2022.

Reverend Reeves Gabrels Signature Electric Guitar – Satin Transparent Black

The Reverend Gabrels Signature is a powerful electric guitar that’s equipped with Joe Naylor’s (the founder of Reverend) Railhammer pickup system. It can shred and growl with the best of them, and it’s designed to be versatile enough to play different types of music. The design of this guitar is carefully and lovingly crafted to give you the technical details of the artist that inspired it. Reverend even routed the body so musicians can get in those aggressive tremolo-filled passages.

Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorerbird Electric Guitar – Cardinal Red

The Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorerbird is a powerful electric guitar that’s designed to bring a fiery image of rock ‘n’ roll glory to your room. This model features a wickedly solid body and a powerful headstock that’s designed to give you the best possible tone. The Gibson 70s Tribute humbuckers are also included to give you the best possible performance. This guitar is built on a solid A-grade mahogany body that’s designed to take the sounds of the humbuckers and turn them into high levels of power. Its SlimTaper neck and smooth rosewood finish make it an ideal choice for hard rock players.

Schecter Nick Johnston Signature PT Electric Guitar – Atomic Frost

If you’re a fan of T-style guitars, then the Nick Johnston Signature model from Schecter is ideal for your collection. This guitar is built with solid maple and features a variety of single-coil and humbucker pickup systems. It can keep up with the best of its namesake’s signature licks and deliver a little bit of hum-free pep with every note. This instrument is built with solid maple and is a great addition to any collection. Its smooth and creamy tone is complemented by the expertly voiced pickup systems and it can keep up with the best of Johnston’s signature sounds.

Ibanez GB10SEFM George Benson Signature Hollowbody Electric Guitar – Sapphire Red

The flamed maple top and the impressive finish of the GB10SEFM George Benson Signature guitar are usually the first things that catch your attention, but underneath the surface, this model is full of appointments that will make it worthy of its namesake. This guitar features a variety of features that will allow you to play a wide range of music. The GB10 tailpiece and an amazing ebony bridge are also included to give this guitar an exceptional sound.